What Ever Happens With Us…

What ever happens with us…

Your eyes will burn into my soul leaving remnants of your wanting lust for me

Your words will haunt my thoughts imprinting their syllables of love and pain upon my brain

Your fingertips linger along my skin sending shivers down my spine

Your kisses leave searing marks on my neck that can’t be rubbed away

Your body pressed against mine leaves a forever force against my hips

What ever happens with us…

You will know I’ll have sacrificed to make you happy

You will remember the scent of me when you fall asleep at night

You will realize how love lost is the most painful memory of all

You will feel the shadow of me pulsating against you

You will feel the lingering of my love for you within your daily thoughts

What ever happens to us…

Time will only tell

You and me are intertwined

Too alike yet different souls meeting each other in the midst of the chaos

We’re bound together you and I

Whatever happens with us…

You and I are bound together

Always caring

Always love one another

Always appreciating each other for who we are at our core

What ever happens with us…

It’s never the end


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