Quotes About Time Healing All Wounds

Does time heal wounds? This is a lifelong question many ponder.  Some believe time can heal a broken heart and past trauma wounds.

For those who’ve suffered severe trauma and heartache, time only allows them an opportunity to decrease the lasting impact it has on the psyche.

Time also gives all of us the opportunity to not only accept past failures and trauma but gives us the opportunity to move forward one step at a time.

If you’re struggling with moving forward from the past, focus on these quotes about time healing all wounds!

“They say time heals all wounds. Only, it doesn’t. Time dulls the memory, it creates distance, and provides perspective”

~Mary W. Kimani

“Time heals our wounds in different ways as it seems fit; Although we are never truly prepared for it”

~Linda Stilson

“But time is like a pond of quicksand that holds many secrets the world over. No one wants to know! It’s better to forget”

~Rudolf Becher

“I wish I could say the right words to soothe your brokenness, but only time heals. And time is healing our world”

~Rhiannon Frate

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“Time heals and yet time steals. I know though sometimes slow that time can fly as yet I try at steady pace to endure the race”

~Jenny Prince

“Time heals a wound, but leaves a scar”

~Anna Tóthné Litovkina

quotes about time healing all wounds

“Time heals wounds because in time we stop thinking about what happened to us. The key to forgiving is to stop thinking about what happened to us”

~Sommer Matriangello

“The healing power of time is not a myth but a reality. Given enough time, most emotional pain eases and eventually disappears altogether”

~Allan J. Adler

“Time heals only if it is invested in pursuing wholeness over brokenness, forgiveness over bitterness”

~Wayne Schmidt

“Patience is a remedy for every sorrow; Time works wonders”

~Martin H. Manser

quotes about time healing all wounds

“Yes, time is the best treatment for your grief, but the truth is you also need to go through the entire process”

~Madeline Holden

“And time will heal the hurt in your heart and mind. Strength is our healer even as love can be blind. Love will be healed in a hearts own time”

~James A. Boyd

“Your body is bruised from your many beatings– but these, in time will heal”

~Stephen Paul Chong

“Time will heal the illness and take the trauma out of the memories. After the anxiety symptoms have subsided and gone away, take a look at the real reason anxiety started in the first place”

~Button Douglas

People say time will heal all things. And when I think about time as the ultimate healer, I can’t complain. You see, it’s true that time will heal all things.

~Ernie A. Forbes

“And I’m here to say that time does heal things up—all things, I reckon; but some things… Some things leave behind dreadful ugly scars”

~Allie Ray

“Time heals without a prescription”

~Tamerlan Kuzgov

“Time heals. No, it doesn’t. At best, time is the great leveler, sweeping us all into coffins. We find ways to distract ourselves from the pain. Time is neither scalpel nor bandage. It is indifferent. Scar tissue is not a good thing. It is merely the wound’s other face”

~Karen Marie Moning

“I’ve learned… That love, not time, heals all wounds”

~Andy Rooney

“They say time heals all wounds, but that presumes the source of the grief is finite”

~Cassandra Clare

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“Time might heal our wounds, but it can’t alleviate our sadness”

~Claire Cook

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