Quotes On Addiction

Addiction is not an easy battle.  Each day is a struggle with temptation.  But everyone is capable of living free of drug and alcohol addiction. While it remains an uphill battle, taking steps in the right direction to conquer addiction…

31 Deep Quotes About Pain In Love

When the relationship ends, there’s always some degree of pain involved. The pain of losing someone you once loved deeply. Pain a lover has caused you through abuse. Even pain caused by jealousy is still pain that leaves the heart…

32 Quotes About Intelligence

Everyone is smart to some degree.  We each all have our own special talents along with different intellectual abilities.  But what makes a person intelligent, smart, captivating, and even genius? Each individual view of who or what is an intelligent…

Quotes Of Adventure To Inspire Wanderlust

Do your dream of far of places?  Endless landscapes of vast wilderness. Meeting new people.  Tasting new foods.  Experiencing new cultures.  Adventure is within all of us.   But many of us stick close to home because it’s familiar or we’re…

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