50 Affirmations For Self Love

Affirmations for self-love are all about transforming your thought process to think positively about yourself.

Sometimes we are unaware of how negative we think of ourselves.

To change this negative pattern of thinking and reach your full potential by discovering what a unique and amazing human being you are, you need to recite affirmations for self-love each day.

Here are 50 affirmations for self-love for you to begin a better more positive future with yourself!

50 Affirmations For Self-Love

I am worthy of receiving love

I am enough

affirmations for self-love

I am proud of myself

I appreciate my unique qualities and characteristics

I am blessed

 I am deserving of taking care of my body and mind

I am becoming more confident everyday

I am able to embrace life changes with grace

I deserve peace of mind

I am strong

I am not my past mistakes

I am grateful for the life I have

I am a kind hearted person

I am strong enough to repel negative forces around me

I am capable of finding true happiness

I am content and satisfied with who I am

I am at peace with my life

I am able to see the good in myself and others

I am able to think positive thoughts

I am courageous

I am creative

I am deserving of respect from others

I am deserving of real and true friendships

I am able to forgive myself

I am doing the best I can

I am courageous enough to stand up for myself with others

I deserve to have my feelings and opinions acknowledged

I deserve to be joyful

I love who I am

I love who I am becoming

I am able to accept compliments easily

I have greatness within me

I am beautiful

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I am living to my full potential

I am gracious

I am kind

I can release any built up stress holding me back

I am at peace with myself

I release any doubts about myself

I deserve everything I have worked for in life

affirmations for self love

I am powerful and limitless

I am capable of growth and change

I am able to honor myself

I am deserving of reaching new goals in my life

I am deserving of respect

I am becoming a better person each day

I am a hard worker

I am an empathetic person

I am capable of fixing a mistake and moving forward

I am just beginning to discover my true potential

affirmations for self love

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