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35 Growth Mindset Writing Prompts For Personal Development

Growth mindset is a simple, but hard concept to actually promote.  A healthy mindset is all about focusing on how you can become a better person than you were yesterday.

Some people are content with not pursuing the better version of themselves.  But that’s not you!  You were made for more!

Let’s help you reach the best version of who you are as a human being by completing these 35 growth mindset writing prompts!

Growth Mindset Writing Prompts

1. What is currently on your mind?

Write down what goals you have for the day.  Life stressors. Priorities.  Just brain dump all your thoughts on your mind.

2. What are you having difficulty processing?

Everyone has something they’re going through.

What is a thought or current situation you are having trouble processing in your mind and heart?

3. How often do you experience positive thoughts?

Many times the thoughts in our head are negative ones.

But what positive thoughts have you thought about lately and how often do you do this?

4. How often do you experience negative thoughts?

Now, think about how negative your thought patterns can be.

The best way to do this is to take a break from doing growth mindset writing prompts and mark down on a piece of paper every time you have a negative thought pop in your head.

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5. What is currently making you feel overwhelmed?

Write down the one thing that’s consuming your thoughts the most with anxiousness and distractibility.

6. Do you trust that things will get better?

Be honest with yourself!  Honesty is always the best even if it hurts to admit it.

Whatever life circumstances are hurting you at the moment, do you deep down trust for them to get better?

7. How often do you worry about the past?

Not being able to let past failures and mistakes go is one of the biggest causes of negative thinking.

While some individuals use failures to shape and mold them into a better person, others will harbor guilt and resentment toward themselves.  Which person are you?

Do you view negative experiences as a life lesson or do they control your fears and self-esteem today?

8. How can you let the past go?

Now that you identified if your a constant worrier about past mistakes, what measures are you going to take to let your heart and mind move forward?

This can include self-care practices, positive affirmations, and more.

9. What do you need to release from your life?

This question differs from moving on from past mistakes.  The question is more about what right now in your life do you need to release?

This could be a specific feeling, situation, or even a person that no longer brings you joy.

10. List everything you are trying to let go of.

Depending on your outlook for life, this will either be a small list or a fairly large list.  Don’t be discouraged if the list is long!  That’s ok!

What’s important with growth mindset writing prompts like this one is that it allows you to fully identify what no longer needs to be in your life anymore.

growth mindset writing prompts

11. How self-aware are you?

Self-awareness is the ability to examine your whole self including thoughts, actions, and emotions to better understand who you are as a person.

Are you capable of taking an objective look at your self without judgement?

12.Make a list of what you know about yourself.

Remember, no judgement!  Take an inner look at who you are as a person.  What brings you joy?

What are your boundaries?  What ethics do you have?

13. Write a list for everything you are currently grateful for.

Someone can always find something to be grateful for.  It could be as simple as the air you’re breathing right now!

14. What thoughts are triggering to you?

Triggers are everyday interactions that causes our mind “freak out” or become anxious reminding us of past relationships, failures, and experiences.

Identifying your triggers is an essential part of lowering your anxiety and improving your mental health.

Although we cannot eliminate every trigger in our lives, it’s important to think about what caused you to become upset in the first place and why.

15. What thoughts keep coming up and causing negativity?

This question refers to those pesky negative thoughts that seep into our mind throughout the day.

They can be toward anything in life and can have the potential to trap your mind into a negative thought pattern.

To conquer this, first identify what those thoughts are.  Then, challenge those thoughts by saying or writing down the opposite of the belief.

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16. What tends to trigger negative thoughts the most?

Think back on the series of events that caused you distress. What is triggering the inner negative monologue?

17. In what ways do you know you are strong and resilient?

If you tend to be pessimistic in your thinking, this question may be difficult to answer.  Start by thinking about the difficult times in life you have gone through and reflect on how strong you are for overcoming those difficulties.

18. Make a list of your strengths.

This can be as short or long as you want it to be.  But the longer the better!  Always remember that you’re stronger than what you give yourself credit for!

19. Focus on what has worked as opposed to what didn’t.

Reflect on different situations in your life again and think about what decisions you made that worked in that situation and what did not work.  How would you handle the situation in retrospect?

20. Make a list of what has worked out in your life.

This list is all about the positives.  Don’t think negatively about yourself.  Change your prospective of yourself and your circumstances!  What are some of the best things in your life that’s worked out for the better?

21. Do you have more of a positive or negative attitude?

This seems like a simple straightforward question, but not necessarily.  Look at your view of the world and yourself.  Is it an overall positive and negative viewpoint?

What’s more important: Think of the “why” behind your positive or negative thinking?

22. What kind of mindset do you currently have?

Is there anything that’s bothering you currently that affecting your mindset?

23. What impacts your mindset?

When you think of your current mindset think mostly of what types of situations, people, or events that triggers and brings down your mindset.

24. Do you struggle with intrusive thoughts?

Intrusive thoughts are thought typically negative thinking that cannot be controlled.  If a negative thought pops in your head, it can be hard to redirect your thinking and change it to a positive thought process.

So what intrusive thoughts invade your mind that may old you back or distract you in any way?

25. What are you currently working toward?

Everyone has dreams and ambitions!  What are your current goals in life right now?

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26. List your biggest dreams in life.

Dream BIG!  Now it’s time to not just think about your biggest dreams but to write them down with intention and think about how to make them a reality.

27. Write a detailed visualization of your dream life.

When you think of your dream life, what comes to mind?  Living in a beach house?  What things in your life would you like to see changed to work toward your dream life?

28. What do you want to improve in your life?

Now that you’ve wrote down a detailed visualization of your dream life, what’s stopping you from that dream?  Write down little ways to improve the life you have currently and how to work toward the life you want most.

29. What makes you feel fulfilled?

Fulfillment is not something that comes with possessions or money.  Feeling fulfilled is something that internally comes from within.  Some people feel fulfilled when they’re helping others.  Others feel fulfilled when they finish important projects at work.  What makes you feel fulfilled inside is something only you can answer because it’s unique to you!

30. List your accomplishments.

Everyone has them!  Accomplishments!  Believe it or not writing down your accomplishments (even ones that seem stupid and small) are still accomplishments!  You completed a task you set out to do!  You should be proud of yourself!  Display that pride by writing down all you’ve accomplished over the years and see how your accomplishments outweigh your failures.

31. What are you the most passionate about?

Passions can include hobbies, crafting, taking care of others and more.  The passionate you are the more zest you find in life!

32. How do you define success?

Success is not just the money you make but how successful you see yourself.  It’s your self-worth as a person.  So what would make you most successful?

33. Where do you get creative sparks come from?

What is your muse?  How do you go about getting creative ideas and how do you execute them?

Final thoughts

Did you find these questions hard to answer?  Good!  Growth mindset writing prompts are here to challenge your current way of thinking and to help you grow as a person in all aspects of your daily life.

A healthy growth mindset allows you to change for the better as a person.  You no longer need to be stuck in doing the same routine that offers you no fulfillment in life.

It’s time to think beyond yourself and realize what makes you happy and promotes growth in your life!

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